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Who Uses Stairlifts?


Stairlifts, or chairlifts, are for anyone having difficulty with stairs due to an accident, illness or age. Understandably, some people put off getting one. Yet our Colorado customers say life is so much easier with a stairlift and most wish they’d had one sooner.

So, if you’re thinking about getting a stairlift – for yourself, a friend, a relative or a client – we’re here to make sure that you make the right choice. Learn what a true stairlift evaluation consist ofClick here

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Charles Hyde Personal Experience and Knowledge Hello, I would like to talk with you about shopping for a Stairlift.

What I share with you here may save you a lot of time, effort. and frustration.

It can be a very confusing and frustrating process.

I am a Stairlift user myself, and have been for many years. and have been through this process multiple times.

Perhaps I can give you some advice which will simplify the process and eliminate frustration.

In Colorado and Easter Wyoming there are 15 or 20 Companies selling about 12 brands of Stairlifts.

90% of the Stairlifts sold in the area are of 2 Brands, for several reasons. One of the reason is because of the Stairlifts, and their quality, and the various architecture of the home in which they are installed in. One of them is measurably better than the other. But there are only 2 brands that make the cut on quality and correct application as mentioned above.

The other reason is the Companies that are selling the Stairlifts, and their representatives.

To every one of them, Stairlifts are a sideline Business, the people and the policies of the business reflect that. The people you would deal with find stairlifts to be an interruption to their regular business operations , the knowledge and professionalism reflect that.
To list some of the business you may find selling Stairlifts as a Sideline:…


Siena 600 for Straight Stairs

The seat-to-footrest link makes folding easier and improves safety at the top of the stairs.

Starla 600 For Straight Stairs

Features an angled seat, that slants slightly upward in the front, so you feel completely safe & Secure


Especially designed for people with limited flexibility, or for extra narrow Stairways

Siena 260 for Curved Stairs

Unfolded, ready to use. A low footrest, sturdy arms and adjustable seat height.

Starla 260 For Curved Stairs

A premium design, with optional light or dark wood trim, contoured back and many more features.


The ultimate combination of ease of use, and weather resistance for outdoor use.

Safety is Stannah’s number one priority, and the best way to determine the safest solution is to have a free, no-obligation home evaluation.

Our advisor will visit your home to assist you in finding the right lift for your specific needs. Call today 888.542.3834  Denver showroom 12649 Caley Ave  #118, Centennial Colorado 80111

All Stannah stairlifts are professionally installed by a trained technician, for your safety.

Indoors and outdoors.

Straight or curved. (including narrow stairs with tight turns)

Many models and payment options.

A family business since 1862.

Great Service, Great People!! My husband had a stroke and after 3 months of rehab it was time to come home. I either had to put a bed in the living room on the main level fro him or install a stair lift. I was not excited about my husband of of 60 years sleeping in a seperate room than me. The problem was our stair case was very complicated having both a curve and a switch back. I was convinced it was imposible to put a lift on our stairs until I met the folks at Mountain West Stair Lifts. They had a stair case in their Loveland showroom that was virtually identical to the one in my house. When they came and reviewed the home they gave me a price right on the spot. I ordered the lift and it was installed just in time for Howard to make it home from rehab… Just as promised. They were clean, punctual, and didnt let us down in any way. I recomend Mountain West Stair Lifts to all my friends.”

Recent Reviews

“Mom and I loved the whole experience with Mountain West Stair Lifts, the lift is perfect and beautiful. The stair lift met a great need in my family. Dan (our Salesperson) Listened to us so well and understood our needs. The installation went perfect, our installer was very thorough and careful with our home.”

“We are very happy with the lift, It is a real Blessing and made life a lot easier for my mother. I am very pleased with how our salesman Dan and Installer Steve treated and showed genuine concern for my family’s needs. I recommend Stannah and Mountain West Stair Lifts to anyone.”

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