Professional Stairlift  Buying Evaluation

It doesn’t matter where you live in Colorado or Eastern Wyoming, Mountain West Stairlifts, can provide a free Professional Stairlift Buying Evaluation in your home.  We do offer a showroom for your convenience however you need to have the Evaluation in your home to determine the Stairlift which will best meet your needs and be compatible with your home.  Having the evaluation will ensure that no detail or concerns are overlooked and that every concern is addressed and taken note of.

FREE, No Obligation Evaluation

In your home today, or at your convenience.

The worst thing that could happen is that a Stairlift be purchased an not be functional or meet every need, making your investment a waste. This Professional Evaluation, will determine and take into consideration the measuring and evaluating the construction features of your home.  It will also take into consideration your own disabilities or capabilities and physical stature to ensure that your Stairlift will be 100% correct to your situation

The Exact cost of the Stairlift, its installation, and any other inclusions, or exclusions will be given you in a written quotation on a single page Mountain West Stairlifts document, The exact cost means everything that has to do with the purchasing and owning the Stairlift.
Also include in the Document will be the time frame for the installation to be made by Company employed technicians, with no subcontractors involved.
The document will state any Warranties and Guarantees, including any initial adjustment courtesy calls. The document will also show the buyer the details of  the ongoing service or maintenance the Stairlift may require,  including the location and contact information for the same.

The document should include the complete name an contact information of the professional conducting the evaluation, and be signed by that person, and yourself.

Lastly, if there is anything detail which you do not clearly understand, discuss that with the Professional providing the Evaluation to get full understanding.