How are Stairlifts Installed

We are often asked How Are Stairlifts Installed

When people see stairlifts installed in a home, they are often impressed by how conveniently and nicely it is incorporated into the surroundings and size of a home. This because the stairlifts installed that they see are carefully designed for that particular home, so that they do not look like equipment that are just functionally attached to the staircase without considering the overall look of a home.

In this video provided by our manufacture Stannah we show you the process.

Before having stairlifts installed,

A user first has to select the type he or she wants by personally checking them out and talking to a reliable consultant. During this time, the supplier also ensures that before they go out and have stairlifts installed, they have personally checked the home where the installation will take place, and have measured the stairs and the user. Moreover, they will also discuss any specific preferences or concerns of the user.

Once the in home evaluation is finalized, the user or buyer and Mt. West Stairlifts will then talk about costs and any services that can be available even after having the stairlifts installed. The long term warranty and any other guarantees are also brought up at this time, which will assure the user of the safety and excellence of the product. It is also at this time when the advice is given on when the installation may be done.

Many people wonder, how are stairlifts installed. Basically, a specific type of stairlift is first created. They could be of a regular size or a slim size, depending on you and the stairway size. The colors and texture are up to the choices of the user. For really small spaces, there are stairlifts that can be folded up for the convenience not only of the user but of other household members as well. Then, regardless of the design of the stairlift, it is attached to the tread of the stairs.

If the staircase is curved, we carefully design stairlifts that flow with the curvature of the stairs. This is also why we have to see the exact setup of the stairs and the home. We want to be sure that the equipment we will install will be safe for the user at all times.

Installing a stairlift does not take too long. The qualified team we send to install it can finish the installation in just a few hours, after which they will test it and show the users how to operate it. They also normally bring an extra pair of shoes or shoe covers, which they use for working on the stairs. They do this in order to avoid soiling the carpet or the area they will work on. In a short while, a user will have a fully installed and functioning stairlift!

More and more people with mobility difficulties are using stairlifts nowadays so it is no longer unusual to see installed equipment in a home. They have experienced how truly useful and great it is to have stairlifts installed.