Home Stairlifts

Home Stairlifts: Different Options Available

Stairlifts will help you or a loved one to easily go up or down a flight of stairs. In fact, going up or down a staircase will not be a problem anymore. With just a  push a button to make the lift operate. Home stairlifts will definitely be of help to your family. You can enjoy the freedom to go up and down the stairs without needing help from others. There are many different options available for home stairlifts.

Stairlifts Denver Colorado How they look and work

Indoor or Outdoor home stairlifts

Indoor and outdoor stairs have different needs especially when it comes to the materials. The indoor stairlifts are made to be efficient and comfortable for everyone’s use. In fact, the seat of home stairlifts for indoor use is made with comfortable fabric and cushions just like your indoor sofas and chairs. On the other hand, an outdoor home stairlifts are made from durable materials. They need to stand harsh weather. The outdoor stair lifts are also exposed to dirt and dust not normally found in the home.

Straight or Curved

The home stairlifts can also follow various types of staircases. You can find standard straight stairlifts with many options for different size staircases, and the curved home stairlifts that allows the operator to follow the curves of the stairway with non interrupted ascent or decent.

Stand or Sit

The seated home stairlifts are more common and widely used nowadays  than standing stairlifts. It has a seat, backrest, arm rest and footrest allowing the users to sit comfortably while sliding down or up the staircase.

Extra Options

Deepening on the brand and model that you will consider, you may also find home stairlifts that have extra options such as flip up rail, chair and rail as well as hand-held controller. There are also a wide array of options in terms of depth of seat, width and length of rail.

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