Stair Lifts 24/7 Service Matters

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There is more to a Stairlift company than just installation.

I have to have service available around the clock. I have never needed to use it, however I know that if or when I do, that I can get help ,and talk with a trained technician, and if needs be he can be at my side in a short while if it is an emergency, and always within the next few hours even if it is not an emergency. Their business is only Stair Lifts, so I know I am not being pushed back or aside while they deal with other things, because Stair Lifts are a side line to them. Their technicians are all trained by the manufacturer of my Stair Lift, not just someone who is available at the time, perhaps a respiratory therapist, a delivery person, in some case maybe even a hearing aid

fitter. I am really comfortable knowing that I have, whatever service I may need at anytime I may need it for my Stair Lift. My Stair Lift is the most used appliance in the house.