“Great Service, Great People!! My husband had a stroke and after 3 months of rehab it was time to come home. I either had to put a bed in the living room on the main level fro him or install a stair lift. I was not excited about my husband of of 60 years sleeping in a seperate room than me. The problem was our stair case was very complicated having both a curve and a switch back. I was convinced it was imposible to put a lift on our stairs until I met the folks at Mountain West Stair Lifts. They had a stair case in their Loveland showroom that was virtually identical to the one in my house. When they came and reviewed the home they gave me a price right on the spot. I ordered the lift and it was installed just in time for Howard to make it home from rehab… Just as promised. They were clean, punctual, and didnt let us down in any way. I recomend Mountain West Stair Lifts to all my friends.”

“Mom and I loved the whole experience with Mountain West Stair Lifts, the lift is perfect and beautiful. The stair lift met a great need in my family. Dan (our Salesperson) Listened to us so well and understood our needs. The installation went perfect, our installer was very thorough and careful with our home.”

We are very happy with the lift, It is a real Blessing and made life a lot easier for my mother. I am very pleased with how our salesman Dan and Installer Steve treated and showed genuine concern for my family’s needs. I recommend Stannah and Mountain West Stair Lifts to anyone.”

“What a refreshing experience!!!! We are 83 and after researching 4 different companies, having 3 of them into our home, we found the Mountain West Stair Lifts folks offered by far the best value. The real turning point for us was when we researched the fact that the Newsman and Consumer Advocate Bill Gephardt had personally endorsed this company after doing exhaustivce research into their past. With all the different things that one company might say about another and the fact we dont buy stair lifts every day this made the decision easy as our confidence was based completley on non biased third party recomendations. Gephardt also told us that if he was wrong in any way in his endorsement he would persoanlly give us $1000.00. Of course after the install and getting to know Larry Thompson, and the rest of the staff in the Loveland office we knew that the endorsements and the other refrences they provided were based in fact and certainly on other experiences like the ones we have enjoyed. Thank You for giving us our home back. We had not been in the basement for a year!!!”

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