Common Questions About Our Stairlifts. -We will answer every Stairlift question you have. Any Brand, Any Model, Any Make. We have sold them all and we service them all. We have been in the Stairlift business for over 50 years.

At Mountain West Stairlifts we understand that the thought of buying a stairlift can be a daunting one. The following questions are ones that many people have asked us previously and may provide you with the answers you are looking for.

In addition, we have also developed a step by step guide to choosing the right stairlift for you which can be obtained here.

If you have any other questions not covered here please telephone 888.652.0070 or email Alternatively, you can complete our on line inquiry form and we will respond to your question.

Is the stairlift attached to the stairs or the wall?

All our stairlifts are attached to the tread of the stairs and not the wall.

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What if I have a narrow stairs?

We design them with a slim rail, a compact carriage and with folding arms, seat and footrest. They also fold away neatly so they’re practical for you and for other stair users. You can see the Stannah stairlift range at any of our showrooms or at any of exhibitions we are attending.

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Can Stannah stairlifts go round bends in the stairs?

It is the most versatile stairlift for narrow stairs that have a bend in them. It can travel round bends on either side of the staircase and negotiate intermediate landings and corridors with ease. Your rail will be manufactured bespoke to the exact dimensions of your staircase. The unique two way powered swivel option also enables you to swivel the chair to the safest position at both the top and bottom of the stairs, particularly in tight spaces.

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Do I have to pay for a quotation?

No. Stannah provides a free home survey with a no-obligation quotation.
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Will I be under any obligation to buy after a sales visit?

No. Stannah provides advice and a free no-obligation quotation. One of our trained consultants will come to your home and assess your staircase, discuss with you what kind of stairlift you might want, how we’ll go about installing it, and answer any questions or concerns that you might have. There’s no obligation to you whatsoever after this; not only will it enable us to give you a fixed written quotation; it will also help us to ensure you get the right product for your specific needs.

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How long does it take to install and how disruptive is it?

Stannah stairlifts are installed in just a matter of hours with the minimum of fuss. Because Stannah stairlifts are fitted to the tread of the stairs, not the wall, the process is quick, clean and simple. Our friendly fitters will bring two pairs of shoes with them, one pair for outdoors and one pair for indoors so that your carpet will stay clean. They will install the stairlift with a minimum of fuss, tidy up, test it thoroughly and show you exactly how to use it before they leave.

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Do we need to have a power supply or is it run off battery?

Our stairlifts are battery powered, but we will require an outlet either at the top or bottom of the stairs to keep it charged. Our electricians will make sure it is in the best place prior to installation.

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What happens in a power cut?

As the stairlift is battery powered it will continue to work even if your home loses power. If you have a powered swivel you will need to use the manual swivel.

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How long does the battery in a Stannah stairlift last?

Depending on usage, your battery should last between 3 to 5 years.

How do the batteries recharge?

All Stannah straight rail stairlifts have a continual charge, the curved rail stairlifts have charge points on the rail.

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Is the stairlift noisy?

Stannah stairlifts are virtually noiseless as they have an electric battery powered motor which ensures a smooth and quiet ride.

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What happens if I’m not completely satisfied with my stairlift?

If, in the unlikely event you are not satisfied with our products and services, we offer a 14 day money back guarantee from the date of installation. This offer is for all new and reconditioned Stannah stairlifts, purchased direct from us. Please contact our Customer Services Department for more information. Offer not available in some locations.

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What warranty do I get with my stairlift?

Every new stairlift comes with a 2 year comprehensive warranty and the first 2 services are free. Offer not available in some areas. Each reconditioned stairlift comes with a 12 month warranty and a first free service.

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What type of maintenance package do you offer after the warranty expires?

Before your warranty expires, the Service Department will write to you detailing the different packages available to you and what each package covers. It is then up to you which one you decide to take out.

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What type of service contracts do you offer?

We offer two types of service contracts. The Stannah 5-Star Service Contract, which offers one annual service and free parts and labor (subject to terms and conditions). Or the Stannah 3-Star Service Contract, which offers one annual service and reduced prices for any engineer visits.

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Will you provide service assistance even if I don’t have a service contract?

Yes, one of our engineers will respond to a breakdown, even if you don’t have a service contract. In this event, charges will be advised on site and payable to the engineer.

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What happens if I no longer need my stairlift?

Stannah guarantee to buy back any new Stannah stairlift under three years old, which is being serviced under a Stannah Service Contract.

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Can I buy a reconditioned stairlift?

Stannah can offer reconditioned stairlifts for both straight and curved stairs. For straight stairs we can offer reconditioned rails as well, but on curved, as they are tailor made, the rails would be new. Reconditioned stairlifts are of limited availability.

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What quality and safety standards do Stannah have?

All Stannah stairlifts are manufactured and tested to conform to the latest European and British safety standards. They go through rigorous testing and analysis to ensure critical factors of safety are achieved throughout the design and manufacture process.

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How much does a stairlift cost?

All products are tailored to your specific needs and prices therefore vary depending on the specific stair dimensions and the models and options chosen. Please book a free, no-obligation assessment with one of our trained sales consultants to obtain a confirmed quotation to meet your requirements.

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When will my stairlift be ready for delivery?

Delivery of your stairlift will depend on the type of stairlift you have ordered. For a straight track rail, delivery will be between 3 – 10 days from receipt of order. For a curved track rail, delivery will be 14 working days from receipt of order.

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