Stairlift Safety

Stairlift Safety: How Safe Are They?

Stairlifts are a form of equipment that is installed on a staircase. It follows the staircase’s path. It comes with a chair stairlift safety where one can sit and glide up the stairs in safety. With the developments in stairlift manufacturing, you can now find stairlifts that can work with straight and curved staircases, can be used by elderly or disabled where they are much more comfortable sitting when using the stairlift, and can be used used with a rechargeable battery or electricity. When buying a stairlift for residential or commercial use, one should look at the safety features. Generally, the stairlifts are safe when used appropriately. Below are some details on the features that ensure stairlift safety.

Grips for Stairlift Safety

Every stairlift comes with arm rest that the users can grip  or rest upon to keep their balance.

Seat Belts for stairlift safety

Stairlifts with seats which we are talking about here will come with a seat belt for safety. Just like in cars, the seat belt prevents the individuals from leaning forward. They will stay seated until the lift stops.

Footrest safety

For those with mobility issues a footrest strap should be an option to keep the legs and feet safely secured while using the stairlift.

Sensors for stairlift safety

Most stairlifts also come with sensors. They can be installed on the rail or on the chair or footrest. The sensors ensure that there is no person, pet or object on the way. If there is, it will automatically have the stairlift stop.

Key Lock for stairlift saftey

Some stairlifts also give options to the users to have the power generator locked. It cannot be used until the key is inserted and turned. It is a great safety feature for homes that have stubborn children, who you cannot prevent from playing on the stairlift.

ASME for Stairlift Safety

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers or ASME was established to regulate the manufacture of stairlifts. It has certain safety standards. It is not recommended to buy a stairlift that does not have the sign of ASME approval if you want to secure the safety of your family.

Swivel Chairs for Stairlift Safety

The use of swivel chairs has also been considered a stairlift safety feature. This type of chair swivels in different directions. It gives users an easier time to sit or leave the stairlift. The swiveling in all directions may sound unsafe but it is definitely a good safety feature for disembarking from the stairlift where where tight situations do not allow an otherwise safe exit from the stairlift.