How do Curved Stair Lifts Work

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Have you ever wondered how those curved stair lifts work?

How they smoothly run through those delicate curbs or sudden turns of modern elegant stairways without a snag? How they offer a safe and comfortable ride to the elderly or the physically handicapped up those winding steps?

Modern day multi story house designs usually incorporate curved or long and winding staircases for elegance and beauty. In fact, they are a common feature of modern homes today. However, climbing these types of staircases can be a monstrous task to the elderly in the family as well as to disabled and the physically handicapped, all of whom find climbing even an ordinary flight of stairs already a nightmarish ordeal for them! This no longer a problem nowadays because of the availability of curved stair lifts!

Curved stair lifts are specially designed adaptive equipment for the elderly or the disabled to lift them up or down a staircase on a custom built chair that runs on precision engineered aluminum tracks. A motor underneath the cushioned carriage of the lift moves it up and down the stairs. Most of the modern curved stair lifts use the same rack & pinion drive system (similar to the steering wheel mechanism of your car), and work the same way of as other regular stair lifts.

(The curved stair lift gearbox is equipped with a hardened steel pinion or ‘cog’ which fits in mesh with the aluminum and steel rack bolted solidly on the steps of the staircase. When the motor is turned on, the teeth of the pinion runs the unit up and down aluminum and steel rack.)

Most stair lift models come with rechargeable batteries that can be plugged into any electrical outlet for charging. They come with other features like speed control, soft-start soft-stop, locking swivel seat, infrared remote control, etc.

But what makes the curved stair lifts by Stannah different?

The tracks of curved stair lifts are custom built and manufactured with precision according to the exact measurement of the stairs. Every bend, every sweeping curve of a winding staircase is carefully measured and the tracks are precision engineered to conform to every contour and bend of the staircase. Some even use two tracks for a much better and tighter fit for a smooth ride sans the ‘jerkiness’ experienced with some commercially available stair lifts in the market.

Because of this, every curved stair lift is custom–built or built according to specific measurements. You can not buy how do curved stairlifts work them off the shelves like the straight stair lifts except perhaps from some used equipment dealers where in most cases they won’t fit into your own staircase.

Also, bending the rack of a curved stair lift to conform to the contours of a particular staircase requires not only a special equipment but also requires precision craftsmanship and skills honed by long years of manufacturing this type of product. And this is where ‘the men are separated from the boys’. Every ride on a curved stair lift must be smooth and safe and not bumpy and snagged every time a sweeping bend or a sharp turn is encountered! This is where the long years of manufacturing experience of the stair lift maker become of utmost importance in choosing the perfect curved stair lifts for your home! This is where we can definitely say that not all stair lift manufacturer are the same. Use your utmost discretion when buying a curved stair lifts for your loved ones!