Stairlift Manufacturers Comparison

Not All Stairlift Manufacturers are the same!

Quite recently, we saw the internet being bombarded by a flurry of product advertisements coming from stairlift manufacturers, dealers, and distributors. Seemingly, each one of them wants a piece of the action or a share of the growing market for stair lift equipment!

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No doubt, the number of people looking for mobility solutions for a growing number of elders and people with disabilities in the country has been on the rise. And if you happen to be part of that number chances are you are more confused than ever after sifting through ton and tons of product information from all the different stairlift manufacturers. Chances are you probably have not bought a unit up to now. The many products and the many product features being shoved into our minds by all those stairlift manufacturers can clutter our minds and render us confused more confused than intelligently discerning! Well, here’s one good word for you – Not all stairlift manufacturers are the same!

Varied stairlift products from different stairlift manufacturers may have the same features and even offer the same deals as can be gleaned from the latest internet postings but there are things that set them apart from each other – reliability and reputation!

Every person looking for a mobility solution has requirements distinct from others. This led several stairlift manufacturers to offer solutions with a variety of options to answer each need rendering us totally confused since practically all the stair lift products made by these stair lift manufacturers not only offer similar options, most of them even look the same!

If we are to procure a mobility solution, it should be with confidence and with a peace of mind. While this is easier said than done, here are some tips on how to choose the correct mobility solution as well as how to identify a credible stairlift manufacturers.

(Remember, not all stairlift manufacturers are the same!)


  • Try the stair lift yourself. Stairlift manufacturers surely have a local dealer or distributor with a showroom near you. But before you do, measure the width of your stairway. Don’t hesitate to test the stairlift units and pay special attention to the width of the carriage when in use. Using the measurement of your own staircase as your basis try to picture if the stair lift unit once installed will provide you ease of movement! Swivel the carriage and using your measurement again find out if there is freedom of movement but still leaving sufficient space for you to stand. To be able to operate a lift comfortably, most people requires at least 29.5 inches.

See what type of control is used to operate the lift? If it is a button that has to be pressed until the lift reaches the top of the stairs, then it is not suitable for one with arthritis or with a physical handicap that prevents him from using his hand. In such cases a toggle switch control would be appropriate.

  • Swivel Seats. The lift carriage must be a swivel seat so that you can swivel the seat when you reach the top of the stairs. This will be easier and safer for you to get out of the lift with the lift itself behind you to prevent you from falling down the stairs in case you lose your balance.


  • Call Stations. Does the lift come with call stations both down the stairs and up the stairs so that anyone can call the lift if and when it is needed? The perfect set up should be wireless control using infrared or radio signals.


  • ‘Flip-Up’ Rail. This feature allows the lower section of the rail downstairs to fold up and out of harm’s way. This prevents the rail from being an obstruction or a tripping hazard.


  • ‘Over speed control’ It prevents a fast descent of the stair lift carriage. It serves as an emergency brake should it be needed. A precautionary safety feature against uncontrolled descent.


There are many more stair lift features and stair lift models out there being offered by varied stairlift manufacturers. By all means, compare each one with the other but remember one important thing at all times – “choose a brand or a model made by a stairlift manufacturers who have been in this business longer than anybody else. You can be almost sure that they offer only quality products that have passed the test of time in terms of quality and durability!

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