Colorado Chairlifts and Stairlifts Differences

What are The Differences Between a Chairlift and a Stairlift?

Before we get totally confused here let me explain that the chairlift we shall be discussing here is not to be mistaken for the chairlift that is the primary means of transport in Denver ski resorts used to transport people up and down steep slopes and hills. The chairlift we shall be discussing here refers to a wheelchair stair lift or chairlift for short which is a mobility solution for people so they can go up and down stairways with ease and comfort independently.

A chairlift or a wheelchair stair lift is mainly for residential use although we see some models of this in some chairlift commercial buildings. This type of lift is specially made for a person with disabilities to help them go up and down the stairs without leaving their wheelchairs and totally on their own! Like the stairlift, the chairlift is attached to a track that is bolted onto the steps of the staircase. Again, like the stairlift, the chairlift is not wall mounted and therefore requires no remodeling whatsoever after installation. And because it is remote controlled, it can be used for other things other than for carrying the wheelchair bound individual up and down the stairs. They can also be used to carry their laundry, or groceries or anything that they wants to bring up the stairs without help from anyone.

A chairlift is similar to a stair lift in all respects except for design of the carrier.

The chairlift has a platform instead of a cushioned seat for its carriage. Without getting out of the wheelchair, the user simply rolls into the platform, places the safety guard bars in place and navigate freely using his own hands to manipulate the control panel on the side of the platform or the remote control provided with the unit.

While both serves as a mobility solution for navigating the stairs, the stairlift is designed for the elders and other a person with disabilities who are still able to walk a little, sit down on the lift carriage, and get up at the top of the stairs on their own or with little assistance. On the other hand, the platform design of the chairlift is specifically designed for the wheelchair bound individuals who just rolls unto the platform and up they go! Also, while the stairlift is designed to carry up to 300 lbs. in weight, the chairlift can handle up to 600 lbs.!

All the other features that a stairlift has the chairlift also have! This will includes customized curved tracks for winding staircases! Most chairlifts uses the same rack and pinion drive system as the stairlift which is by far the most efficient and quietest system used by most mobile solution manufacturers.