What is a Stairlift

Just what exactly is a stairlift and how does it work

A stairlift is a mobility solution for a person with a disability, who, because of that disability can not negotiate stairs, which allow them to safely and independently travel up or down their stairs. Our Denver stairlift showroom offers consumers hands on stairlift testing and information.

A stairlift is usually used in a person private residence. However it is not uncommon to see them in some public building, such as Churches, Private Clubs, and meeting places.

The stairlift rides on an aesthetically pleasing anodized aluminum track that takes les than a 9” space. Some of the low quality lifts on the market have tracks made of unfinished aluminum. They are rather unsightly and hard to keep clean. The track attaches to the stair tread with no damage to carpets.

The chair which rides on the track contains the low voltage motor made especially for stairlifts, and also contains an stairlift hinged rail emergency power system so it will still operate if there is a power failure. The motor drives the stairlift chair quietly and safely up and down the track with a hidden gear system that is made just for stairlift. (pictured is a hinged rail that moves up and out of the way of any doors when not in use)

From the seat of the Stairlift the user is in complete control

When seated the user is in control of their trip up or down the staircase. The chair will stop automatically at the end of the ride in either direction. It can be controlled with remote controls which are provided at top and bottom landings. The stairlift can be called or sent from either top or bottom.

The seating of the stairlift has several designs and a large selection of upholstery, Leather, Fabric or a special Vinyl designed for the heavy use that the stairlift may require of it, and in many colors.