A Stairlift Buying Checklist

Stairlift Buying Checklist

It does not matter where you live to maximize the convenience of having a stairlift installed in your home. For those living in our area we offer a full showroom, but a person needs to have a stairlift buying evaluation before going out and purchasing a stairlift too quickly. Having a stairlift buying evaluation will ensure that no details or concerns are left out, and that any necessary information is taken note of and remembered. The last thing anyone wants is paying for equipment that will turn out to be of little use, of inconvenient size, or not worth what was paid.

Here are the main things that should be covered in a stairlift buying checklist.

  • Make sure that the store consultant or representative pays a visit to the home and carefully scans and checks the staircase and learns exactly what the your needs are. Although stairlifts are for bringing people up and down the stairs, every user may have specific concerns or preferences that need to be addressed before any purchase or selection of a stairlift is made.
  • The exact cost of the stairlift, its installation, and any other inclusions should be in a stairlift buying checklist. By exact cost, this means the final quotation covering everything that has to do with purchasing and owning the stairlift.
  • The quote should be the official document, and not merely a scribbled estimate by the consultant or representative.
  • You will also want the official quote to document the time frame during which the installation of the stairlift will be made by the stairlift manufacturer. Otherwise, finding a schedule slot or delays may become a problem.
  • The fitting and testing of the stairlift is another necessary item that should be in the list. This step should ensure the quality of the installation and the product, as well as the safety of using the equipment.
  • A stairlift buying checklist should also remind a buyer or user to ask the representative or consultant regarding the stairlift service which can be availed of after the stairlift is installed.
  • There should at least be a free checkup or repair service in case the stairlifts malfunctions within a certain period from the time it was installed.
  • Make sure that there is a repair or service center which is easily accessible. The representative or consultant should be able to provide you this information.
  • Lastly, the list should include asking for the complete contact information of the representative or consultant with whom the purchase was discussed or made. This person will be the buyer or user’s contact person if he or she has any more questions or concerns. However, as long as your stairlift buying checklist includes all the things mentioned, there should be minimal reason for one to call the representative.

stairlift buying checklist