Stannah’s ‘Easy Fit With Diana Moran’ DVD – 4. Diana Has A Chat With Patrick Stannah Stannah Stairlifts is bringing exercise to the living room, partnering with 70-year-old fitness guru and model, Diana Moran, to release a revolutionary new DVD "Easy Fit with Diana Moran". The new fitness programme "Easy Fit with Diana Moran" consists of simple exercises specifically developed for those who havent exercised for a while or just need a more gentle routine. The DVD includes a mixture of exercises for warm-up and stretch, muscular strength and cardio fitness, facial exercises, combining fitness with a natural beauty regime that works to stimulate facial muscles, naturally tightening, revitalising and toning your skin to ensure glowing results. The team of demonstrators were personally selected by Diana to show how easily the fitness program can be implemented into the daily routine of everyone. They are Vi Petty (83), Wendy Clouse (65) and Johnny Treherne (45). Diana Moran is a long-time advocate of leading a fit and healthy lifestyle. She was aptly named the Green Goddess in the 1980s when she presented her popular exercise spot on BBC Breakfast Time. Her extensive experience in radio, television and on the stage spans over 45 years. Find out more about Diana on her website