Stair Lifts for Homes

Stair Lifts for Homes

People who have recently had surgery or suffer from debilitating conditions due to illness such as arthritis or aging can have a very difficult time being mobile at home. If the home has multiple floors with stairs it can be even more challenging. Not being able to move from floor to floor to use bathrooms, kitchens and laundry room can greatly inhibit a person’s daily activities and even lead to feelings of inadequacy and depression. At Stannah Stair Lifts we understand the need for people to continue living life on their terms which is why we offer a full line of high quality stair lifts for homes so you can stay active.

Many senior men and women have difficulty walking and some are unable to move up and down stairs because of physical conditions associated with surgery, aging and illness. Though they don’t need to be hospitalized or in an assisted care facility many older people find life at home difficult if they can’t get around all the rooms. With durable and functional residential stair lifts, people can enjoy the freedom of being able to move about their homes without having to bother family and friends. With a professionally installed home stair lift you can return to your daily activities that involve moving from floor to floor.

A stair lift for every home

Whether your home has a traditional stair case, narrow stairs or a curved design we have affordable and reliable home stair lifts that will custom fit your stairs and provide a comfortable mobility aid that will make life at home much easier. Our high quality stair lifts feature seven upholstery choices, manual or power folding rails, power swivel seats with for upper landing exit and entry. Designed with comfort and function in mind the Stannah home stair lift collection has several models to choose from to suit your needs.

Residential stair lifts require very little maintenance and are a great investment for the independence you achieve because of the stair lift. If you find yourself thinking that you might need a stair lift, then you probably do. Contact Stannah Stairlifts to discover your options today.

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