Outdoor Stairlifts

Outdoor Stairlifts

Difficulty climbing the stairs is not relegated to the interior of a home or commercial buildings. Front steps, covered with ice in the winter but still difficult to climb in spring and summer, are an obstacle for members of your family, the elderly, or clients with a disability. Rather than keep others out or make entrance far more difficult, install one of our residential or commercial outdoor stairlifts.

Stannah Outdoor Stairlifts makes it easy to mobilize your porch stairs in rain, snow, or sleet with outdoor stair lifts. The Stannah Outdoor StairLifts withstands exposure to storms and seasonal change and provides mobility in all kinds of weather. Designed for outdoor use, the Model 320 is built to withstand heavy rain, dusty wind and salt-laden sea-breezes.

It is easily installed to either side of a staircase and mounts directly to the stair treads instead of a wall. The chair is attached to a 4″ rail. The stairlift rails can be fitted to either a flight of outside stairs or even to a few steps leading down to your garden.

When you’re at the top of the stairs it’s important to be able to get on and off the chair as safely as possible. The manually powered swivel feature turns the seat to face the landing for easy access allowing you to get off the chair safely. Our outdoor stairlifts come with the features of standard indoor stairlifts, including sensors and a swivel seat, and accommodate up to 350 pounds.

Benefits of an Outdoor Stair Lift

The Stannah Outdoor Stair Lift makes your home accessible all around. It withstands storms, seasons and years of use. It provides comfort with a wide seat that swivels for easy entry and exit.  The Outdoor stairlift is capable of working come rain or shine, and comes with a protective cover to keep it clean and dry when it’s not in use. It’s important to have your quality of life back and have the ability to go in and out of your house as you please.  You can also use the Stannah Outdoor Stair Lift to participate in outdoor activities such as gardening and family gatherings. Isn’t it important to have your life back?

Call Stannah today for more information about our outdoor stairlifts, our licensed and certified installation service and the best prices in Colorado on the outdoor stairlifts that will increase the enjoyment of your porch.

outdoor stairlifts

Outdoor Stair Lift